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ANIMACONTEMPORANEA is an Italian brand with a rational, open mindset and a creative heart.  We have a clear vision of our job. Our values are in our products, services and long term relationships – Simplicity:  the less is more rule. Take off all excess and keep it simple, with objects, life and spirituality – Naturalness: the quality of being real, to feel at ease in every space you’ll call home – Lightness: light forms and colours,   Immediacy: to be ready and direct with no barriers but not impatient – Solidity and rigour: to be fair and loyal, to enjoy essence and balance in life and objects.

ANIMACONTEMPORANEA was established in 2014 as a continuation of a previous historic family company Ercole per il Sacro, founded in 1958, specializing in the design and manufacture of church and community furniture.

In 2013 the company went through a profound transformation, collaborating with a young, international team who share our passion for hard work, precise finishing and pure forms mixed with smart functionality.  The result was a collection of simple, linear home accessories that preserved all the craftsmanship, artistic sensitivity and technical skills of the past and combined them an innovative combination of materials; a collection of simple long lasting design for modern needs to improve our quality of life and bringing us closer to our peers.