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The indication of weight, measurements of dimension and the illustration of articles in the catalogues and website are purely intended to approximately represent the parts of goods and do not constitute any obligation to recreate the same details. There may be some slight differences due to the hand crafted working process that give a unique touch to the objects.
Images and colours may differ from real upon the videos resolution and the browser used to see them or the device to print.
We can reserve to carry out improvements, both technological and aesthetic to our products: this includes modification to measurements, materials and finishes that will be prior communicated when possible.

To include our products in your catalogue or website, we kindly suggest you to demand official pictures apt to right represent them and all necessary information for a correct and detailed description of the product. All images are ANIMACONTEMPORANEA copyright ©



Wood, as it is a natural, living  material may change over time. Finishes may show slight chromatic variation caused by being exposed to light or simply as the material ages. Environmental conditions relating to temperature and humidity may cause small movements and/or opening due to the normal expansion or contraction of the wood. Different products that are paired together may have different veins and colouring.

By confirming the order customers accept margin of error in colours and veins.

Borosilicate glass is especially robust, durable and transparent, heat resistant remaining unchanged over time. In spite of the technical properties of resistance of the borosilicate glass used in our products, glass is still a fragile and delicate material. Drops, hard knocks or squeezing cause cracks and breakages.

Bohemia crystal glass is entirely hand blown and colours can vary in shade and intensity from one order to the other. Heat, light and humidity can influence the vitrifying mix in the melting pot throughout the production phase. Any slight differences in products made from Bohemia crystal glass are imperfections caused by the different hands of master glass blowers.

By confirming the order customers accept any margin of error in colours, shades and weight.

High quality polymers are used in our products. Highly resistant to knocks, use and heat. They are easy to clean and upkeep and give special durability.
For our candles we use a combination of self-extinguishing materials guaranteeing safety during use. The candles can scrape if scratched with hard sharp elements or squeezed on very hard materials and pressure. To keep unchanged the natural white colour of the candle we suggest to protect it from long sun exposure and direct sun light (the effect of prolonged direct sun exposure is an ivory shade).

The concrete/beton used for our products is a special mix FixCrete, which has the aspect and beauty of the natural material with bubbles, mild scratches and brindled texture. But despite the normal concrete it’s lighter and stronger. The surface of concrete products have a special waterproof finishing that guarantee its resistance against liquids and chemicals.


All material we use can be recycled: wood, glass, plastic, aluminum.

Anyway, please, pay attention to the special rules in your district.


We guarantee that goods bearing our brand name, in normal usage condition, are free from material and manufacturing.
The guarantee does not cover defects caused by forcing items, inexpert assembly or negligent use, or those deriving from incomplete and incorrect information provided by the retailers. The guarantee is no longer valid if repairs are carried out or modification of any kind are made to our items without our consent.
We do not accept responsibility of any kind of loss, damage to person or things caused directly or indirectly by the supplied goods.