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by Francesco Faccin

The Plug-In project comes to enhance and take the tradition of ERCOLE per il SACRO in church furniture into the future within ANIMACONTEMPORANEA.  It takes on the  desire of Laura Ercole to develop a new simple modular furniture that takes design as guideline for all its aspects from the concept, to manufacture, to logistic involving people.

We want a set of furniture that could go further the usual church furniture and be suitable for other settings where a group of people gets together above all community centres. We are starting from the Plug-In bench to study the modular system. The aim is to have a collection coming from the basic modular element by adding a particular “plug-in” and let it transform into a new furniture with a different function. The customer may add the plug-in he prefers and needs and can build up easily his space with a bespoke finishing or upholstering.

We all love simple natural things with no decorative intent but in this project the availability of several finishing and decoration has a relevant role. The customized decoration gives the right fitting to the object into the space it will occupy (a silent chapel, a working area, a changing room or a public library, a small café area have all different needs in term of identity and comfort).

Technology will be relevant as well, we’ll study some plug-in to be joined with the wood furniture so to combine the taste for natural minimal furnishing with the modern appeal of our social instinct.


For project preview, please email us.