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Contemporary craftsmanship since 1958.

History, tradition and expertise in furnishing and decorative objects, overall religious, handmade and entirely Made in Italy.


Erroneously considered crude and of little value, iron is a simple but noble metal.

In spite of what you may think, iron is still worked in a very artisanal way: it is heated, bent and moulded with a hammer, allowing itself to be shaped by man’s hand. It’s a tiring and dirty job and the struggle between the cold material and the hammer only ends when the once formless metal becomes an object. Only a person who has a comprehensive knowledge of the iron and how it should be worked can command it and obtain the item that they had in their mind.

The design of the whole collection is clean and simple, with a special place reserved for substance. The raw material in all its essence, weight and mass, with finishes that bring out its specialness that makes it unique each and every time, just like the object that it will form. Real creativity is the result of craftsmanship.

With its ancient origins when it was forged with fire, iron has a mythical connection to the divine: SIDER – Iron star


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Each pieces is a unique masterpiece and only the available ones are on sale because produced in very limited numbers.